A fan of cards from Battle For Ancient Greece showing the box front.



It’s the fast-paced family game featuring the epic Greek gods! Battle your opponents to win cards in this quick-and-easy classic card game with a twist. Who will ultimately rise to become immortal?

Ages 5+

10-20 minutes

2-3 players

Ever Wanted To Go To War With Your Friends & Family?

Learn To Become Immortal In Under 3 Minutes

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Shuffle Up

Divide the deck evenly between all players and leave room for the discard piles.

Play Cards

Everyone flips over their top card. The highest-ranked card wins all cards played!

Go To War

If there’s a tie, wager three more cards and play a fourth to see who wins everything.

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To The Victor, Go The Spoils

Tap Into The Special Powers Of The Gods

New Mechanic

Spoils Of War

When a player wins a round on a card that has this icon, that player plays the action from that card. Although Zeus thinks his ability is the best, just wait till Poseidon’s Tidal Wave is invoked when you’re about to run out of cards!

A diagram showing the trophy icon labelled in orange and white.

Inspired By At Odds With The Gods

Voted Orlando’s #1 Entertainment Experience

House Rules

Play how you’d like, we’re not saying anything

Gods Rule

A drawing of Hades and Poseidon facing each other with trident and skull in orange.

Before starting a game, remove all odd-ranked cards, leaving more opportunities to have war with the Greek gods.

Battle Mode

A drawing of two greek helmets facing each other in orange colors.

Expand your war up to 6 players by mixing two decks together. Wars are played with one card facedown instead of three.

The Original

A drawing of two broken urns with Greek illustrations in brown and orange.

To play similarly to the original War game (typically using 52 cards), you can remove all Greek god cards from play.

A deck of Cards At War cut in half, with both halves side-by-side. The Hades card is placed across the two halves.

What’s In The Box?

Each deck contains 74 cards made up of 14 epically-illustrated Greek god cards, 55 Grecian urn cards, instructions, and one part to a bonus that a puzzle practitioner or escape enthusiast would enjoy!

Heroic Pantheon Jokes

You know you want to read these…

The Zeus illustration from Cards At War: Battle for Ancient Greece.

Zeus Says

You know, I’ve been thinking about taking up carpentry.

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I might not know much about tools, but I know my way around bolts.

Aphrodite Says

Hermes told me that I’ll never be a great tennis player.

Tap below for more…

Maybe he’s right. He says I’ll never score a point because I’m all about love.

The Aphrodite illustration from Cards At War: Battle for Ancient Greece.
The Demeter illustration from Cards At War: Battle for Ancient Greece.

Demeter Says

I’ve noticed that the region is starting to get quite expensive.

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When I parked my plow the other day, I had to put 5 extra drachma into demeter.

Hera Says

The girls and I are going out tonight.

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First thing we’re doing is getting our Hera appointments.

The Hera illustration from Cards At War: Battle for Ancient Greece.